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Top 6 Reasons to seek health care at Insight Family Health Center...

1. We treat the whole person - body, soul and spirit - by guiding you through the process that helps you decide what's going to work for you, your body, and your lifestyle in order to help you achieve optimum health.

2. We offer an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs which may have side effects & long-term complications.

3. You are not "just a number" here.  We take the time to understand you, your body chemistry, & your lifestyle to create a personalized health & wellness plan to help you achieve your health goals.

4. Many of our patients feel like they have found the "Fountain of Youth" as they acquire more energy, youth and stamina than they have had in several years as they follow our lifestyle medicine recommendations.

5. We focus on treating the root cause of your health problems, not just masking the symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

6. During this time of upheaval and chaos in our medical care system, we help you set and reach your personalized health goals so that you will not be "dependent on the system" for your health care.

Insight Family Health Center


Our Mission

Insight Family Health Center’s mission is to provide health care to people of all ages with an emphasis on prevention of disease and wellness.  We believe that each individual is composed of a body, soul, and spirit and that each of these areas must be addressed in order to gain optimal health.  We provide total primary health care across the lifespan – acute illness, chronic illness, yearly physicals, and wellness.  We believe that each person has a unique set of health care needs and deserves customized care that evaluates and treats their individual medical issues.  Our goal is to partner with each patient in setting personal optimal goals for their health.  We then coach and assist each individual in reaching those goals. 


We work with you and your family to help you live long, healthy lives and to help you truly enjoy the journey!

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products & statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.